Poker Stuff For That Special Occasion

Most poker players enjoy getting additional poker stuff to add to their
collection. Hand analyzers, hand-held games, movies where actors pretend to be poker players, T-shirts, hockey jerseys, card guards, even sunglasses all make a great gift for a poker player. But with so many different options out there nowadays how do you know exactly what to get for that special someone on their special day?

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Reading Hands at Poker

Learning poker takes a great bit of time and it's not easy to predict what your opponent's next move might be. You could rather learn about the basic moves which involve in a poker game, but learning to read opponents is a different ball game altogether. As you know each and every person has his/her own playing style, you need to gain a bit of experience while observing people. Before you start playing your game you need to keep a calm state of mind and then slowly and keenly start observing the energy level of the game as it progresses. At different stages of the game, there is change in people's expressions, and how they handle the wins and losses. You can definitely look into such situations as the energy starts to change. This learning will happen as you play more and more games.

As a starter don't, focus on winning hands rather concentrate on learning the tricks and observing how other people handle the game. Just see how each and every person reacts at the poker table and start learning about their body language under different situations. In case you find an opponent look at his hand and then keep an eye on his chips and is, a bit restless to begin playing, you can predict a two huge poker. Usually the ones who are confident in their voices, you could say they are having good hands. But the ones who are weak and unsure, they are the ones who bluff by projecting an overconfident image. In fact they could be very restless and may want to move the game really fast. This can be a very tricky situation as people tend to play a lot of mind games. Reading into people's expressions can put you on guard. Notice the change of tone in the voice when somebody tries to sound confident and it just gets slightly louder than usual. This is a sign of bluffing. But this is just one example as it need not necessarily be applicable in every case.

Reading people is an art altogether. You should learn to be a good actor if you want to be good at the poker table. Actors know how to read expressions and predict what the person's next move is going to be. Similarly, you should learn to read body language and expressions. This is the basic to master poker.