Poker Stuff For That Special Occasion

Most poker players enjoy getting additional poker stuff to add to their
collection. Hand analyzers, hand-held games, movies where actors pretend to be poker players, T-shirts, hockey jerseys, card guards, even sunglasses all make a great gift for a poker player. But with so many different options out there nowadays how do you know exactly what to get for that special someone on their special day?

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Pot Odds in Fixed Limit Poker

A lot of poker players changing their game to fixed limit poker for some good reasons. For first the odds are often in the players advantage. You may ask how this possible? The reason is that at worst your pot odds after the flop comes when playing fixed limit poker are 2 to1, this play is only good in certain situations. Often players may get at least 3 to 1 odds or even more.

When you are playing in a fixed-limit game, it is much easier to keep yourself in the pot with a drawing hand, because other players cannot raise you out of the pot. For example the odds of hitting a flush and open end straight draw are so high that you will in most cases call to the river in fixed limit poker. You will see a lot more flops playing fixed limit then you will in no limit or pot limit poker.

Another fact that you should keep in mind is even with the high pot odds it is not always the best idea to stay in a hand. There are hands that will lose if you understand the flop. If you have experience you will be able to understand this concept. Experience will help you understand if you should stay in a pot after you have seen a flop. Often you may have a draw, but your drawing hand may not be the nuts hand. In these cases it is important to understand that your draw may still lose the hand even though the pot odds are in your favor, this concept is often called discounting your outs.

Playing draws in fixed-limit poker can be tricky, but can have add a lot of value your hands. Play more and learn your odds and you will find that they become much more useful when playing fixed limit poker